Back from bandcamp

I hope it’s no joke, but this April Fool’s day I’m going to see Lætitia Tamko, a New York artist by the name of Vagabon. Tamko sings of “ideas of home, community, and sharing space with others who don’t necessarily see eye to eye” says Kevin Lozano of Pitchfork. I was really intrigued by her sound, lyrics, and musical style and was interested in finding other artists like her. I had first heard of Vagabon on the website Bandcamp, an online music store what is great for independent artists but of course is open to anyone. There are some pretty well known artists and groups that use Bandcamp as a platform like Beach House, Sufjan Stevens, and Vulfpeck.

Bandcamp is an amazing music listening platform that really provides for the listener and for the artist especially. What I find very securing in purchasing music on Bandcamp is that the artist is receiving more than half of the revenue. Bandcamp takes 15% for every digital item sold and only 10% of any physical good sold.


Bandcamp’s model is based on a revenue share. It’s 15 percent on bandcamp-ceodigital, 10 percent on physical, and in that way our success is tied to the success of the artist. So we only make money if the artist makes a whole lot more money.

Another reason I almost prefer Bandcamp to be my listening platform is because of the listener’s interface. Listeners are able to stream albums before purchasing, not just a preview that purchasing platforms like iTunes gives. Once purchased, you are even able to decide which type of audio file you would like, be it mp3, FLAC, or wav for the audiophiles out there. Again, it’s also securing knowing that at least 75¢ of each dollar go straight to the artist.

If you’re interested in using Bandcamp as your next music platform, check out their homepage! They have a live feed of each album bought as well as recommendations that scroll on their homepage. Some artist suggestions I have include Winona Forever, Porches, and Plastic Flowers.


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