Musical Dynamite

Have you ever wanted to tear apart a song? Listen to the synth line all on it’s own? Really dig deep into the lyrics behind a song? Song Exploder allows you to do just that. Hrishikesh Hirway creates this series of podcasts that showcases a number of artists from a large range of genres. Hirway has really found a lot of success from features at the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, and even being an artist-in-residence at the Sydney Opera House.

I really enjoy the editing style that Hirway uses in his podcasts. In recording, he interviews the guest artist of the week but in the final version of the podcast, you only hear the artist(s) telling you the story of the music. It makes it seem less conversational and more like a story. I find this intriguing since music can already tell a story, hearing the story directly from the artist really encompasses my attention. Since Hirway also usually speaks directly to the artist, he is able to use actual stems of the songs to really showcase exactly what is being discussed. I really enjoy this editing style because I’m getting 100% of the information I want to hear.

The last episode I listened to was about the artist by the name of Bonobo. You can find this episode of the podcast here! I have also enjoyed the episodes of Poliça, tUnE-yArDs, Sylvan Esso, and Youth Lagoon. Hirway has just posted his 100th episode on the 21st of March, there is definitely an artist, group, or even genre that fits your taste. You can check out a full list of episodes that have been posted here.


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